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About This Project

This a project very dear to my heart. I designed this website for a sweet little boy named August. August, at 8 years young, lives with Early Onset Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, one of the rarest forms of the disease.

The aggressive neurodegenerative disorder causes the affected individuals’ abilities to walk, think, reason and talk to gradually erode until they leave this life. Imagine if ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s were all mixed together and multiplied by a thousand and you will begin to see the slow devastation that is Huntington’s Disease.

The Auggie Palooza Project Website is a way for family, friends and community members to assist August in the completion of the items on his baby bucket list, and a way to help his Mamma get the things she needs to help make Augusts life more comfortable.

People who in any way would like to sponsor his various adventures, ensuring he has as much fun as he possibly can, to have a good time till there’s no time left.