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About This Project

I had a wild dream, a number of years ago, about working in an herbal shop. Not just any herbal shop but one that handmade their own lotions, potions and elixirs. I fantasized about it being in a little cute town with a community of like-minded people. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen. I know just a tiny bit about herbalism, and don’t have the time to dive into the depths of study that is required. So for many, many years I just journaled about it. Playing with ideas and visions…Well I am delighted to say that my fantasy became a reality, in a very synchronistic sort of way, I am now the new web designer for Anna’s Apothecary in Manitou Springs. This place is right out of a story book.

Their original site really needed a make-over. It wasn’t branded, at all, and it took waaaaay to long to load. I redesigned the entire look and feel, reorganized the shop page by adding a sidebar list of categories and created custom recipe cards.