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Welcome to Bryant Artworks, my name is Christine Bryant and I’m a visionary graphic and web designer, with a passion for creating vibrant marketing materials and inspirational websites.

From an early age I felt most at home tinkering away at an art project, be it drawing, painting, cutting or pasting. My enthusiasm for pulling together various elements into simple yet effective compositions grew into a love for quality design. This early creative spark is what helped guide me to pursue graphic design as a career path.

In 2005 I took a leap of faith and opened my own design studio. I initially specialized in murals for children’s rooms. One in particular got featured in Hello Magazine for former Spice Girl Mel B. Although it was a great experience, I much preferred graphic design, and from then on continued honing my craft by designing my own products; from yoga mats to greeting cards, and working with clients from various fields, creating business collateral and web design.

Over the past 10 years I have also developed a passion for metaphysics, ancient spiritual teachings and conscious living. This interest quickly grew into a near obsession with learning and understanding the inner workings of Mind, Body & Spirit and the Oneness of all. Naturally my two passions began to intertwine and I quickly earned a reputation as the go-to girl for visionary design solutions. I began to recognized a natural ability to visually interpret the essence of what my clients were trying to convey to their customers.

I offer a variety of services including: website design, branding, print design, art licensing, album cover design, social media design and email campaigns.


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